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About Us


On a grey rainy day in October 2017 I decided to quit my job and do something that I felt was important.  For years my wife and I had been managing our children’s intolerances and we had struggled to easily access the foods we needed. Organic foods were important to us but equally having a more sustainable approach to shopping was crucial.  Too much single plastic is used for packaging and we wanted an alternative way to shop and so the journey of bringing Viva Organic to life began.


The key ingredients to the business were fresh, organic and local produce and products where possible. By offering bulk wholefoods,  unpackaged we were able to pass on savings to our customers and also help reduce the plastic problem, or at least get people talking about it.  


Wellness is central to what we offer at Viva Organic, we believe that organic food is better for the body and particularly including juices in the diet.  Any parent will have experienced the mealtime dramas so juices provided us with the chance to sneak some extra vegetables into our children’s diet’s. As part of helping our Son we started juicing beetroots with various combinations.  Juicing is great for so many reasons but it is time consuming, takes a lot of produce to get a decent amount of juice and its messy – the least favourite part being the clean-up and taking the machine apart. You also have to invest in the right kind of juicer, cold pressed juicers being the best for preserving all the good bits of the vegetables but they are also pretty expensive. So after experiencing the benefits of juicing ourselves we wanted to offer a hassle free option of fresh, cold pressed juices that tasted good.


Our aim was to  create a one stop shop for all things organic whilst also providing a wide range of vegan friendly cosmetics and household products.

At Viva Organic we are all about balance:  the mind, body, and planet.


Rod Thomas

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