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Viva Organic is an organic food retail outlet with 99% of the products on offer being of certified organic. Our fresh organic fruit and veg is sourced from a Welsh organic distributor, we compliment this with Welsh, organic produce where possible. We sell fresh organic breads and pastries, and pints of organic milk by the glass bottle.


Our dry food products are offered in a self package zero waste style section where customers are encouraged to reuse their existing containers and bags. We are striving toward a zero waste, plastic free store, promoting the slogan, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” There is an organic alcohol section as well as household goods and beauty products for the consciously minded. The aim is to create a local, ethically minded retail destination alternative to the national convenience store.

You can always

Take away


We sell freshly prepared hot and cold drinks to takeaway.


Our coffee is 100% Arabica, an organic specialty blend from Extract Coffee Roasters. This is a well balanced bean that is brewed for sweetness but with a hint of bitters to compliment the milk of your choice.


We have organic loose teas sold by the pot, ranging from Jasmine Green Tea to Assam.


Freshly prepared organic, cold press juices, juice shots  and superfood smoothies to detox and rejuvenate.


Organic wellbeing lunch bowls, breakfast bowls, soups and dahls will be coming soon.


House Kombucha, brewed on site and sold on tap, live, raw and organic. Kombucha is a  naturally fermented tea drink, fizzy and chilled and full of probiotics.

We encourage you to bring in your favourite mugs and containers, although we do supply compostable takeaway cups and bowls and wooden cutlery.


There is limited seating  available in store to sit and watch the world go by.

Juice Bar

At Viva Organic we make up fresh organic cold pressed juices daily. The juices are sold by the glass bottle. We have a bottle return/ recycle scheme. When you bring your empty bottle back you will receive money off you next purchase.

In terms of juicing hierarchy, organic, raw (unpasteurised) cold pressed juice sits at the very top. This is how we make our juices at Viva Organic.

Let’s talk about each of those components in turn, to explain what makes our juice so good.

Organic Benefits

We drink juices mainly for the health benefits, which is why it is so important that the produce that goes into the juice is free of harmful chemicals i.e pesticides and chemical fertilisers. There are over 300 pesticides used in non organic farming, many of which are present on non organic food. You wouldn’t try and detox or rebalance by putting harmful chemicals into your body.

Organic means to work with nature, no artificial pesticides. Organic food is traceable, it must come from trusted sources to carry the organic label. These farms are routinely inspected, ensuring higher standards are maintained and the workforce is cared for.

Wildlife thrives on organic farms, providing a safe habitat for bees and birds and butterflies.

Organic produce is more nutrient dense, so with our juices you get more bang for your buck!

Cold Press

Lot’s of folk debate whether cold press juicing really makes a difference, over the more commonly used centrifugal juicing  method.

The most obvious difference between these two methods is how the juice is separated from the pulp. Centrifugal juicers chop and fling the produce through a very fast moving screen. This method heats the juice and causes a higher rate of oxidation, something we are trying to reduce, the high heat also changes the flavour. Centrifugal juice breaks down quickly, within minutes, resulting in a very thin or claggy textured juice with a high proportion of unpalatable foam.

With cold press, the produce is slowly squeezed, so we get maximum nutrients, a clean flavour, consistent texture and a better shelf life.


We don’t pasteurise our juice at Viva Organic to extend shelf life. We are all about raw. Pasteurisation destroys many of the beneficial enzymes and nutrients and will inevitably  alter the taste. We believe our juices are best served raw and fresh, they taste much better and retain more of the good stuff.

Our juices are served plastic free in glass bottles for the best possible flavour and will keep for up to 4 days in the fridge.

Juice Bar


We’ve teamed up with Extract Coffee Roasters based in Bristol, a big name in the arena of specialty coffee. These cup winning, artisan roasters have extensive knowledge and bring a passion to their roasts that filters down into our coffee.

Their company ethos is aligned with ours. Extract have long-term direct trade relationships with the coffee farmers. By visiting the farms regularly they are ensuring the farmers well fair, guaranteeing a fair price and by working together, push coffee production to new limits in terms of innovation and quality. Their ethically sourced, organic coffee bean is taking fair trade to another level.

The coffee bean is organically farmed, handpicked by a small collection of farmers, the pulp is reused on the farms as compost. The coffee is of course 100% arabica. The dried green beans are shipped directly to Bristol where Extract create their wonderful roasting recipes. The freshly roasted beans are then bagged and packaged using recycled packaging.

The finished product makes a great tasting, consistent cup of organic coffee. Come in and try it for yourselves if you haven’t already experienced an organic Extract roast.

House Kombucha

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea drink that carries many health benefits, originating in the Far East, it’s brewed onsite at Viva Organic using time old methods.

Kombucha has 3 key ingredients, organic green tea, organic raw cane sugar and filtered water. As part of the brewing process, the live culture consumes the sugar and caffeine from the green tea, the end result is a carbonated refreshing drink, low in sugar and caffeine. The taste is not too dissimilar to apple cider, less the alcohol content!

The Benefits

Kombucha has a beneficial, alkalising impact on the body. A highly acidic diet has been shown to negatively affect health. It’s also packed full of antioxidants, mopping up harmful free radicals and detoxifying our bodies. Our kombucha is live, raw and unpasteurised, so it’s full of the healthy probiotics that are essential in maintaining a healthy bowel. Kombucha is also loaded with B Vitamins, which help boost our brain, increase our mood and give us energy.

At Viva Organic, are always experimenting with new exciting flavours, using only organic cold pressed juice. We are proud to be one of the few kombucha tap houses, currently operating in the UK.

House Kombucha